Biking on St. Simons Island? Yes, definitely.

Places that boast stunning natural beauty have a built-in audience. That’s particularly true for visitors who can’t get enough of the great outdoors. If they live in the urban jungle, surrounded by concrete and tall buildings, a place like St. Simons Island is a beautiful retreat for them.

The beaches, views of the ocean, nature trails here and abundant wildlife on St. Simons Island give visitors the opportunity to switch from the big city to a magnificent conservation paradise.

But it’s also important to keep in mind if you love the beaches at this island in South Georgia, walking nature trails or spotting wildlife like marsh rabbits, blue herons and shellfish, you’re still not far from other people and culture.

St. Simons Island is worth exploring for plenty of reasons. It’s an island with a rich history, and a lot of those historic properties have been beautifully preserved.

There are also top-rated golf courses here, and something that’s hard to find in cities: cottages. St. Simons Island is a cottage lover’s paradise.

Just getting around the island gives you the opportunity to explore and makes for a very memorable trip.

But don’t jump in your car. You’re going to see and appreciate so much more if you’re bicycling on St. Simons Island.

What’s So Appealing About Exploring St. Simons Island?

It doesn’t hurt that St. Simons Island is bike friendly. The land here is relatively flat, which is ideal for biking, and bike riding is definitely encouraged – not to mention popular with visitors and residents alike. And it’s a great way to get some exercise while exploring the island.

Let’s say you love the island’s spectacular beaches. St. Simons East Beach is a breathtaking stretch of flat white sand. You can get to the flattest and whitest stretch.

Then, depending on where you are, you can ride along the ocean, passing not just sunbathers but plenty of heron birds and horseshoe crabs along the way. In biking parlance, consider it the beachfront ‘road.’

A scenic bike tour allows you to enjoy the island at a leisurely pace. If you’re getting warm in the sun, you can also take pathways shaded by massive, live oak trees.

You can even discover places where a bicycle can be conveniently delivered to your location, with the option for accessories such as trailers, infant seats, baskets, and helmets.

And as you’re biking along, you’re going to be amazed at how appealing the fresh air is. The sea air along the coast feels exhilarating when that light wind touches your face.

St. Simons Island benefits from very enticing tropical weather – not too hot with that cool breeze off the ocean, but not particularly cold in the winter, either. The moment you start pedaling your bike and heading down one of the country roads on St Simons Island, you’re going to feel so different.

Why Is Biking on St. Simons Island Such a Treat?

biking on st. simons island

Who needs an exercise bike at your gym when biking on St. Simons Island is much healthier – and a whole lot more enjoyable. Biking is a terrific form of exercise; it gets your heart pumping, and while you’re exercising, you’re also exploring.

The island’s flatness also makes bicycling around the island great for everyone, regardless of their skill or fitness level. No high hills to climb, in other words.

And there are actual bike paths on the island to get you around. Bike racks are easy to find as well. Plus, being on an island, there’s not that much fear about having your means of transportation stolen from you.

A good example: head over to the Pier Village, which is also home to the historic St. Simons Island Lighthouse, one of the most historic properties on the island and one that will give you a bird’s eye view of the island.

There are bike racks there for security, so you can take a walk along the pier, check out the delicious meals being served at the local restaurants, or take a walk along the boardwalk. It’s also the area where you’ll find the Neptune Park Fun Zone, where you can take a dip in the pool or play putt-putt.

And when you’re done, it’s back onto your bike and away you go.

If you start riding down Beachview or Demere, a fun thing to check out is the markers on your way to Bloody Marsh. You can bike over there, then discover the battles that took place at this site. It also great for checking out the eastern view over the marsh.

From there, you can keep traveling to Gascoigne Bluff, the site of Hamilton Plantation and early lumber mills, and you work your way back to the Village down Kings Way.

If you do, stop by Avenue of Oak. This was once the road leading up to Retreat Plantation and it remains a highly photographed spot on the island.

Depending on how ambitious you are, you can also ride over the causeway to Glynn Avenue, turn left, then continue over the Sidney Lanier Bridge. You’ll love the views all along the way.

Don’t forget your camera!

Why Are the Cottages of St. Simons Island so Unique?

Another thing to check out and adore while biking on St. Simons Island is the beautiful beach cottages worth checking out as you pass by.

St. Simons Island is home to some charming cottages close to the beach and the Pier Village. You’ll love to see the front and back porches that seem to be inviting you to stop and relax for a spell.

Those cottages enable their new residents to walk to the beach, shops, Neptune Park, and the Lighthouse.
Builders like Palmetto Building Group have constructed some amazing and gorgeous cottages on the island, offering room for the entire family and some spectacular views.

So get on your bike and start exploring all there is (and there’s a lot) to discover on St. Simons Island.


St. Simons Island is a truly the ideal place for a relaxing vacation. Plan your trip now to enjoy amazing seafood at the local restaurants, collecting seashells on the beach collecting shells, and taking nature walks.

And don’t forget about biking on St. Simons Island.

The island moves at its own pace. No one is in a hurry here.

This unbeatable combination keeps attracting people, not only to visit but also to settle down on St. Simons Island. If you’re also considering becoming a permanent resident of St. Simons Island, contact Palmetto Building Group today.

We have new, move-in ready single-family homes, cottages, condominiums and townhouses available. In many instances, we offer homes with fabulous views of the marshes close by. We also have homes close to the Pier Village, or right near the beach.

Whatever it is that draws you to living on St. Simons Island, we have a home to match your concept of the ideal setting.

Contact us today at 912-266-8401 or email us at to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you, but most of all, we’re thrilled to know you’re looking for a new home on one of the most spectacularly beautiful and historic parts of South Georgia.