Ready to Explore St. Simon’s Island?


Enjoy searching for new discoveries? Or maybe you’re a lover of history. Possibly after years in the big city, you long to be surrounded by nature, the splendor of the ocean and the great outdoors. Whatever may bring you to St. Simon’s Island, it’s certain you’ll find a paradise awaiting in South Georgia. An island rich in history, offering an abundance of Southern charm, it’s the ideal place for those looking to relax, fish and boat, or just explore St. Simons Island.

Moreover, if you have a passion for seafood, you’ve truly found a hidden gym, as St. Simon’s holds a plethora of seafood options for you to explore.

The seaside resort known as St. Simon’s Island is an oasis for those who love the beauty of the ocean mixed with richly preserved history and the modern conveniences of shopping, dining and enjoying the beach. You will practically feel your stress level start to drop once you arrive.


Getting to St. Simon’s Island


If you’re traveling from Florida, simply take Interstate 95 directly to Georgia. Less than an hour north of the Florida line you’ll reach the port city of Brunswick.

From Atlanta, we are less than a five hour drive. You’re certain to enjoy passing through the section of salt marshes that take you to the F.J. Torras Causeway. The bridge goes directly to the island.

Upon arrival, what you do on our 8-mile long island largely depends on your personal interests. With a wealth of options available, we’re certain you’ll have no problem keeping busy while you explore St. Simons Island.

A great place to start to explore St. Simons Island could be the historic Pier Village. Located on the south end of the Island, the village district is the downtown social hub. This is where residents and tourists mingle in the shops, enjoy meals together with its copious number of restaurants, and explore the ocean from the safety of the pier. As the name, “Pier Village”, states – the island’s pier is one of its most prominent structures. A place where people gather to bring folding chairs and do some fishing, casting their lines or net into the water, or simply to simply sit back and take in the spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean.


Enjoying the pleasures of the Pier Village at St. Simon’s Island


Watching the boats sail by is a great pastime on this coastal barrier island that’s one of Georgia’s Golden Isles.
The rocks along the coast are a great place to sit down and watch seabirds begin their ritual: they will frequently swoop down, diving into the waters to find their dinner amongst the waves. As you watch these gulls enjoying the fresh seafood, you may decide it’s time for you to do the same thing.

And fortunately for you, the location couldn’t be more ideal.

The Pier Village at St. Simon’s Island is a popular spot for dining along this quaint commercial district on Mallery Street, right off the pier. As you explore St Simons Island Pier Village, you’ll find restaurants with a view of the ocean, allowing you to dine on fried oysters and other seafood delicacies as you watch the waves roll in. While here, it is a must to eat at Southern Soul Barbeque, voted one of the top 20 restaurants in the nation. That’s right! In the nation!

The village is also a great place for one of our favorite past times, shopping! There are plenty of unique shops and boutiques across St. Simons Island, so doing some exploring is well advised. This includes plenty of places for antique lovers, starting in the Pier Village, which has several to pick from: antique shops, quaint old book stores, clothing shops, florists, gift shops, souvenir shops, and jewelry stores.

Make sure to check out Redfern Village, home to even more of a variety of shops and restaurants.


Plenty to do across the Island of St. Simon


Before or after dinner, there’s plenty to keep you occupied. Located directly on the pier is a playground and picnic area, and it also houses the historic St. Simon’s Lighthouse, the oldest brick structure in the area, still maintained as an operational light by the U.S. Coast Guard. Taking a tour of the lighthouse is a must for all first-time visitors.

If you’re up for the challenge, there are only 129 steps to climb to reach the top and take in an awe-inspiring view of the island. The lighthouse was first constructed in 1807, then reconstructed in 1872 on the same site as the original had been destroyed by Confederate forces during the Civil War.


Explore St. Simons Island and its history


A fun way to get around is to rent a bike in the Pier Village, then start exploring the 20 miles of paved bicycle trails that run through the island. If biking is not your thing, take a leisurely tour courtesy of the St. Simons Island Trolley Services. Our trolleys will make sure you hit all of our top rated historical spots and must-sees!
St. Simon’s Island also has something else in store for guests of all ages! This island is rich in preserved history. St. Simon’s was originally inhabited by the Creek Nation tribes around 2000 BC, only to be driven out later by Spanish missionaries.

The Spanish rein didn’t last, either. In 1742, during the Battle of Bloody Marsh, the English would secure the Georgia Colony and use the island for rice and cotton plantations, which were worked by African slaves. A lot of the cultural traditions that the slaves brought to St. Simon’s are still to be found on the island.
So – if you love history, time to start exploring.

It’s worth checking out the Bloody Marsh Battle Site, which ended the Spanish conquest of Georgia.
You’ll also want to explore the First African Baptist Church, a two-story frame structure. Built in 1869 by former slaves of the St. Simons plantations, constructed with round arch windows and a roof steeple – this church is a definite must-see!

Not only is St. Simon’s rich in its man-made historical structures, but its history is also inclusive of what nature’s provided. Most of the development – both commercial and residential – is on the southern half of the island, while the northern end is largely made up of marsh and woodland. A large part of it has been converted into a nature preserve, Cannon’s Point Preserve, where visitors can find trails to walk or bike on, or simply take in the beauty of the undisturbed maritime forest while you explore St. Simons Island.




St. Simon’s Island is a great place for a vacation, one that offers peace of mind in a tranquil setting but plenty of modern conveniences at a short distance. It’s not always easy to find a place to relax and unwind while enriching your mind in our country’s history. But if you explore St. Simons Island, we guarantee you’ll find that and much more.

Not looking for long lines and traffic? Then we are your destination. Offering a multitude of options, we still maintain the small town feeling that is so hard to find today in coastal towns. The population of St. Simon’s can grow substantially at the heights of the tourist season, however there are only about 13,000 residents.

If the island sounds like a paradise, perhaps you and your family will be the next ones to call St. Simon’s home to your own personal paradise. We cannot wait to have you on our island! We look forward to having you here to explore St. Simons Island.