Things to do in the Winter on St. Simons Island

There’s tons of things to do in the winter on St. Simons Island In January, a lot of families hunker down to get through the coldest month of the year, with their snow shovels and ice scrapers ready for whatever winter brings. Or maybe they’re thinking about heading someplace warmer, where there are no arctic […]

Why Island Life is Right for You on St. Simons Island

Ever since the late 1940s, when Humphrey Bogart and Edward G. Robinson were battling it out on Key West in the classic movie “Key Largo,” island living has seemed exotic, enticing, and radically different from the big city to people longing for a different way of life. After all, you’re surrounded by beaches. There are […]

Home Values in St. Simons Island and South Georgia are Rising

Home values in St. Simons Island are going up and fast, too. Right off the ocean on St. Simons Island, close to the Pier Village shopping area, stands a historic and beautifully preserved monument, the St. Simons Lighthouse. The oldest brick structure in the region, still used today as an operational light by the U.S. […]

St. Simons Island Real Estate is a Great Investment

The coast of Georgia is only about 110 miles long and includes 15 barrier islands. One of them, St. Simons Island, has been a popular resort destination and vacation spot for years. It’s also become a popular spot for permanent residents as well. There are a lot of reasons why people love vacationing on St. […]

Top Reasons to Spend Christmas on St. Simons Island

As the holidays approach, families start planning for their Christmas vacation. For some, northern cities are a top choice for a picture-perfect, frosty and festive season, where snow is welcome around Christmas time. But not everyone wants snowfall to be a part of holiday cheer, particularly if driving is required. By late November and after […]

Top Reasons to Go Biking on St. Simons Island

Biking on St. Simons Island? Yes, definitely. Places that boast stunning natural beauty have a built-in audience. That’s particularly true for visitors who can’t get enough of the great outdoors. If they live in the urban jungle, surrounded by concrete and tall buildings, a place like St. Simons Island is a beautiful retreat for them. […]