Perks to Living in St. Simons Island

Moving to a new city can be a nerve-wracking experience, however, you won’t have that problem living in St. Simons Island. The island offers a variety of ways for you to get involved in your new city and to meet new people while having fun. There are numerous local groups that help newcomers feel more […]

Things To Do In Brunswick, GA

Brunswick, GA is often overlooked by better-known cities like Atlanta and Savannah but Brunswick has a lot to offer. Similar to Savannah, Brunswick is laid out in a formal grid full of history and charm. The brick streets still boast their colonial names and the signature squares are the original colonial parks in the Old […]

8 Brunswick, GA Beaches to Explore!

There’s nothing better than having some fun in the sun, especially now that summer is upon us. The kids are out of school and it’s officially time for a vacation. There’s no better way of spending the warm summer days than exploring Brunswick, GA beaches. Each beach offers something unique, from beaches that have parks […]

Here’s Why So Many People Love Living in Brunswick

The city of Savannah is well known for its popular historic district, but close by is another South Georgia city with its own rich history: the port city of Brunswick. In fact, historic Brunswick is laid out in a formal grid that’s quite similar to Savannah’s. People love living in Brunswick because here you can […]

St. Simons Island Condos: Enjoy the Life in St. Simons Island Living

St. Simons Island condos are beautiful and luxurious and can be the sort of home you’re looking for. St. Simons Island is such an appealing place that visitors have been coming here for decades to enjoy the island’s long list of amenities, from the beaches to the beautifully-preserved historic monuments, to restaurants offering the best […]

Exploring St. Simons Island’s Wildlife

St. Simons Island has an extensive amount of wildlife on its beautiful coast. It’s not every place that can boast about being laid-back, with a leisurely pace of life that feels nothing like a big city – but also quite lively. That’s a combination that keeps drawing people back to St. Simons Island, though. If […]

Things to do in the Winter on St. Simons Island

There’s tons of things to do in the winter on St. Simons Island In January, a lot of families hunker down to get through the coldest month of the year, with their snow shovels and ice scrapers ready for whatever winter brings. Or maybe they’re thinking about heading someplace warmer, where there are no arctic […]

Why Island Life is Right for You on St. Simons Island

Ever since the late 1940s, when Humphrey Bogart and Edward G. Robinson were battling it out on Key West in the classic movie “Key Largo,” island living has seemed exotic, enticing, and radically different from the big city to people longing for a different way of life. After all, you’re surrounded by beaches. There are […]