If you’re planning your first visit to St. Simons Island, be sure to go there with high expectations. Because there’s just no way you’re not going to be stunned by the natural beauty this island in Southern Georgia offers, and is well known for.

Yes, some of the island looks modern, and has all the conveniences we take for granted. There are beautiful homes, elegant restaurants, first rate hotels, and quaint antique shops and other specialty stores.

But alongside the modern is so much of the island that’s been beautifully preserved, starting with those gorgeous nature preserves that attract people who enjoy walking and bicycling in the outdoors. And for years, visitors have been enjoying a casual stroll along the dock in the Pier Village, with the opportunity to take in the spectacular views of the ocean, of the ships sailing past, and of the seagulls swooping down to catch their next meal.

St. Simons Island may be in a fast-growing part of Georgia, but parts of it will make you feel like you’ve taken a step back in time and walked into an earlier era. Some areas of this island truly do look the same as it did a century ago.

That beautiful landscape continues to attract not only a steady stream of visitors and tourists who as part of their vacation agenda, but also people who want to live here and have those stunning views from their windows.
And, not surprisingly, St. Simons Island is also a popular place with another group: couples looking for a sumptuous background for their most memorable day, their wedding ceremony.

Over the years, the landscape on St. Simons Island, so appealing to visitors and residents alike, has also served as the ideal place for wedding ceremonies, receptions, rehearsal dinners, and bridesmaid luncheons.

It’s not hard to see why. St. Simons Island is as romantic a getaway as you can find.

Why does St. Simons Island appeal to engaged couples?

St. Simons Island weddings

St. Simons Island is a popular place with people who love the outdoors. With year-round mild weather and a cool ocean breeze coming in from the water during the summer months, St. Simons Island and its beaches offer unspoiled beauty, creating the sense of an unhurried place where you’ll want to take the time to savor the rich beauty all around you.

Because on St. Simons Island, you’ll want to be outdoors — as often as possible. The Golden Isles in South Georgia are rich with natural outdoor attractions – a top reason why guided tours are so popular here. There truly are a seemingly endless number of areas to explore. Guided tours have taken visitors on a pathway toward the island’s local heritage and its natural ecosystems, featuring coastal wetlands, forests, marsh systems, and of course the Atlantic Ocean surrounding Georgia’s barrier islands.

People come here to get away from the pressures and fast pace of the urban world, and many of them have been instantly charmed by the live Southern Oaks draped with Spanish moss that have survived for hundreds of years. This is an island that feels totally unique, where expansive marshlands, waterways and sandbars can be captivating from the moment you first cast eyes on them.

With that kind of attractiveness as the backdrop, it’s no surprise that in 2014, St. Simons Island was voted
America’s No. 1 Favorite Romantic Town by Travel + Leisure Magazine. The St. Simons Island wedding is a terrific option.

What Can Couples Expect on the Island?

Romantic weddings have been a part of the St. Simons landscape for a very long time. That quaint beach town feel has been attracting couples looking for a ceremony in a location that’s romantic like no other.

Those couples have a diverse selection to choose from if they’re planning a wedding on St. Simons. After all, they could opt for a traditional church wedding, a large reception at one of the island’s hotels, or a simple wedding on the beach.

There are plenty of St. Simons Island wedding venues to pick from. Some of the most popular include:

• The historic King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort, directly across from the Atlantic Ocean, which has hosted both smaller, intimate family gatherings and large celebrations with hundreds of guests. Their oceanfront backdrop has been captured in scores of wedding photos over the years.

Captain’s Bluff, a three-bedroom house located on 18 acres of undeveloped woodlands, is a popular spot for smaller weddings with seating for about 50 guests. It’s location next to Fort Frederica on the Frederica River doesn’t hurt either.

Sea Palms Resort offers the option for an intimate wedding in a private enclosed courtyard or a more luxurious wedding in their ballroom, or a wedding on the beach.

An equally popular choice is a traditional church wedding, and three churches are particularly popular with wedding planners. They are:

• The Christ Church, which dates back to 1776 and the earliest days of St. Simons Island, is a landmark property renowned for its stained-glass windows and the woods that surround the property.

• First African Baptist Church, another historic church, was built in 1869 by former slaves from the St. Simons plantations, and is still popular today for the glimpse it offers of the island’s rich history.

• Lovely Lane Chapel is a historic church in the Epworth By The Sea area, seating up to 150, with a very picturesque chapel.

You can also take advantage of St. Simons Island’s rich history for a truly memorable wedding location, like on the front lawn of the St. Simons Lighthouse, right by the ocean. The lighthouse tower was built in 1872 and offers remarkable views of the area from high up. A St. Simons Island Lighthouse wedding is a very romantic idea.

And since St. Simons is so popular with couples planning the ultimate memorable wedding, it should be noted that weddings are big business here. That’s why the island is home to a host of specialty services, including bridal shops, florists, hair salons, wedding music and entertainment, wedding consultants, wedding photography and videos, wedding tent rentals, and even transportation services that serve weddings.

That may be why DatingAdvice.com released a list of the 17 Most Romantic Destinations in the U.S. and ranked St. Simons Island at No. 7.


More and more people are discovering that St. Simons Island is a real treasure – an island filled with natural beauty, spectacular views of the ocean, and historic landmarks. No wonder so many people are also discovering that it’s an amazing picturesque location for a wedding, and that some of those couples have decided to stay put and call St. Simons Island home.

If you’d like to become a permanent resident of St. Simons Island, Palmetto Building Group has new, move-in ready single-family homes, cottages, condominiums and townhouses available, often with fabulous views of the marshes close by. We also have homes close to the Pier Village, or right near the beach.

Whatever it is that draws you to life on St. Simons Island, we have a home to match your concept of the ideal setting.

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